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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017The causes and costs of misallocationRestuccia, Diego; Rogerson, Richard
Jan-2012CommentRogerson, Richard
2018Comment: Accounting for Factorless IncomeRogerson, Richard
1-Nov-2017Gross worker flows over the business cycleKrusell, Per; Mukoyama, Toshihiko; Rogerson, Richard; Şahin, Aysegul
Jun-2012Micro and Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: A Reassessment of Conventional WisdomKeane, Michael; Rogerson, Richard
Jun-2013Nonconvexities, Retirement, and the Elasticity of Labor SupplyRogerson, Richard; Wallenius, Johanna
May-2017Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: MacroeconomicsRogerson, Richard
Dec-2013Two Perspectives on Preferences and Structural TransformationHerrendorf, Berthold; Rogerson, Richard; Valentinyi, Ákos