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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2018A Candidate for a Strong Separation of Information and CommunicationBraverman, Mark; Ganor, Anat; Kol, Gillat; Raz, Ran
Jun-2018Extractor-based time-space lower bounds for learningGarg, Sumegha; Raz, Ran; Tal, Avishay
2018A Lower Bound for Adaptively-Secure Collective Coin-Flipping ProtocolsKalai, Yael T; Komargodski, Ilan; Raz, Ran
2020Near-Quadratic Lower Bounds for Two-Pass Graph Streaming AlgorithmsAssadi, Sepehr; Raz, Ran
Jun-2019Oracle separation of BQP and PHRaz, Ran; Tal, Avishay
2014Pseudorandom Generators for Regular Branching ProgramsBraverman, Mark; Rao, Anup; Raz, Ran; Yehudayoff, Amir
2020The Random-Query Model and the Memory-Bounded Coupon CollectorRaz, Ran; Zhan, Wei
Jun-2017Time-space hardness of learning sparse paritiesKol, Gillat; Raz, Ran; Tal, Avishay
2017A Time-Space Lower Bound for a Large Class of Learning ProblemsRaz, Ran
2019Time-Space Lower Bounds for Two-Pass LearningGarg, Sumegha; Raz, Ran; Tal, Avishay
2020Time-Space Tradeoffs for Distinguishing Distributions and Applications to Security of Goldreich’s PRGGarg, Sumegha; Kothari, Pravesh K; Raz, Ran