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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2-Sep-2020Accurate quantification of copy-number aberrations and whole-genome duplications in multi-sample tumor sequencing data.Zaccaria, Simone; Raphael, Benjamin J
5-Feb-2020Analyses of non-coding somatic drivers in 2,658 cancer whole genomesRheinbay, Esther; Nielsen, Morten Muhlig; Abascal, Federico; Wala, Jeremiah A; Shapira, Ofer; et al
19-Jun-2019CALDER: Inferring Phylogenetic Trees from Longitudinal Tumor Samples.Myers, Matthew A; Satas, Gryte; Raphael, Benjamin J
Jan-2017Complexity and algorithms for copy-number evolution problems.El-Kebir, Mohammed; Raphael, Benjamin J; Shamir, Ron; Sharan, Roded; Zaccaria, Simone; et al
Jul-2020Copy number evolution with weighted aberrations in cancer.Zeira, Ron; Raphael, Benjamin J
7-Feb-2020Eleven grand challenges in single-cell data science.Lähnemann, David; Köster, Johannes; Szczurek, Ewa; McCarthy, Davis J; Hicks, Stephanie C; et al
Oct-2016Gene and Network Analysis of Common Variants Reveals Novel Associations in Multiple Complex Diseases.Nakka, Priyanka; Raphael, Benjamin J; Ramachandran, Sohini
Jul-2018Haplotype phasing in single-cell DNA-sequencing data.Satas, Gryte; Raphael, Benjamin J
Sep-2018Hierarchical HotNet: identifying hierarchies of altered subnetworks.Reyna, Matthew A; Leiserson, Mark DM; Raphael, Benjamin J
Jan-2018Identifying simultaneous rearrangements in cancer genomes.Oesper, Layla; Dantas, Simone; Raphael, Benjamin J
Jan-2018Identifying structural variants using linked-read sequencing data.Elyanow, Rebecca; Wu, Hsin-Ta; Raphael, Benjamin J
Jul-2020Identifying tumor clones in sparse single-cell mutation data.Myers, Matthew A; Zaccaria, Simone; Raphael, Benjamin J
Feb-2020netNMF-sc: leveraging gene-gene interactions for imputation and dimensionality reduction in single-cell expression analysis.Elyanow, Rebecca; Dumitrascu, Bianca; Engelhardt, Barbara E; Raphael, Benjamin J
Oct-2017Novel Gene and Network Associations Found for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Using Case-Control and Family-Based Studies in Multiethnic Populations.Nakka, Priyanka; Archer, Natalie P; Xu, Heng; Lupo, Philip J; Raphael, Benjamin J; et al
5-Feb-2020Pathway and network analysis of more than 2500 whole cancer genomesReyna, Matthew A; Haan, David; Paczkowska, Marta; Verbeke, Lieven P C; Vazquez, Miguel; et al
1-Jan-2019Random walks on hypergraphs with edge-dependent vertex weightsChitra, U; Raphael, Benjamin J
4-Sep-2020Reconstruction of clone- and haplotype-specific cancer genome karyotypes from bulk tumor samples.Aganezov, Sergey; Raphael, Benjamin J
Apr-2020SCARLET: Single-cell tumor phylogeny inference with copy-number constrained mutation losses.Satas, Gryte; Zaccaria, Simone; Mon, Geoffrey; Raphael, Benjamin J
1-Jan-2020Single-cell tumor phylogeny inference with copy-number constrained mutation lossesSatas, G; Zaccaria, S; Mon, G; Raphael, Benjamin J
Jul-2017Tumor phylogeny inference using tree-constrained importance sampling.Satas, Gryte; Raphael, Benjamin J