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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2021Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 1)Almora, O; Baran, D; Bazan, GC; Berger, C; Cabrera, CI; et al
2018Donor/acceptor charge-transfer states at two-dimensional metal halide perovskite and organic semiconductor interfacesZhao, L; Lin, YL; Kim, H; Giebink, NC; Rand, Barry P
2020Electrically driven lasing in metal halide perovskites: Challenges and outlookGunnarsson, WB; Rand, Barry P
16-Sep-2015Enhanced Outcoupling in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes via a High-Index Contrast Scattering LayerKoh, Tae-Wook; Spechler, Joshua A; Lee, Kyung Min; Arnold, Craig B; Rand, Barry P
2019High-Voltage Photogeneration Exclusively via Aggregation-Induced Triplet States in a Heavy-Atom-Free Nonplanar Organic SemiconductorDavy, NC; Koch, M; Ngongang Ndjawa, GO; Lin, X; Man, GJ; et al
2017Homoepitaxy of Crystalline Rubrene Thin FilmsFusella, MA; Schreiber, F; Abbasi, K; Kim, JJ; Briseno, AL; et al
2018Hybrid perovskite light emitting diodes under intense electrical excitationKim, H; Zhao, L; Price, JS; Grede, AJ; Roh, K; et al
2019Interfacial charge-transfer doping of metal halide perovskites for high performance photovoltaicsNoel, NK; Habisreutinger, SN; Pellaroque, A; Pulvirenti, F; Wenger, B; et al
2019Reactions at noble metal contacts with methylammonium lead triiodide perovskites: Role of underpotential deposition and electrochemistryKerner, RA; Schulz, P; Christians, JA; Dunfield, SP; Dou, B; et al
2017Use of an Underlayer for Large Area Crystallization of Rubrene Thin FilmsFusella, MA; Yang, S; Abbasi, K; Choi, HH; Yao, Z; et al
21-Jul-2016Valence and Conduction Band Densities of States of Metal Halide Perovskites: A Combined Experimental-Theoretical StudyEndres, J; Egger, DA; Kulbak, M; Kerner, RA; Zhao, L; et al