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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Analysis of gene network robustness based on saturated fixed point attractorsLi, Genyuan; Rabitz, Herschel
2-Dec-2014Assessment of optimal control mechanism complexity by experimental landscape Hessian analysis: fragmentation of CH2BrIXing, Xi; Rey-de-Castro, Roberto; Rabitz, Herschel
2-Dec-2014Characterization of control noise effects in optimal quantum unitary dynamicsHocker, David; Brif, Constantin; Grace, Matthew D.; Donovan, Ashley; Ho, Tak-San; et al
Jul-2015Coherent revival of tunnelingHsu, Liang-Yan; Rabitz, Herschel
May-2012Comment on “Are There Traps in Quantum Control Landscapes?”Rabitz, Herschel; Ho, Tak-San; Long, Ruixing; Wu, Rebing; Brif, Constantin
19-Jan-2016Decoherence of a single spin coupled to an interacting spin bathWu, Ning; Froehling, Nina; Xing, Xi; Hackmann, Johannes; Nanduri, Arun; et al
7-Apr-2014Dynamic Dimensionality Identification for Quantum ControlRoslund, Jonathan; Rabitz, Herschel
Aug-2012Dynamic homotopy and landscape dynamical set topology in quantum controlDominy, Jason; Rabitz, Herschel
17-Jul-2012Efficient estimation of energy transfer efficiency in light-harvesting complexesShabani, Alireza; Mohseni, Masoud; Rabitz, Herschel; Lloyd, Seth
16-Jun-2014Efficient retrieval of landscape Hessian: Forced optimal covariance adaptive learningShir, Ofer M.; Roslund, Jonathan; Whitley, Darrell; Rabitz, Herschel
21-Jan-2014Energy-scales convergence for optimal and robust quantum transport in photosynthetic complexesMohseni, Masoud; Shabani, Alireza; Lloyd, Seth; Rabitz, Herschel
12-Mar-2014Experimental exploration over a quantum control landscape through nuclear magnetic resonanceSun, Qiuyang; Pelczer, Istvan; Riviello, Gregory; Wu, Re-Bing; Rabitz, Herschel
17-Apr-2015Experimental observation of saddle points over the quantum control landscape of a two-spin systemSun, Qiuyang; Pelczer, Istvan; Riviello, Gregory; Wu, Re-Bing; Rabitz, Herschel
7-Sep-2012Exploiting time-independent Hamiltonian structure as controls for manipulating quantum dynamicsBeltrani, Vincent; Rabitz, Herschel
7-Oct-2012Exploring constrained quantum control landscapesMoore, Katharine W.; Rabitz, Herschel
14-Oct-2013Exploring control landscapes for laser-driven molecular fragmentationTibbetts, Katharine Moore; Xing, Xi; Rabitz, Herschel
30-Sep-2013Exploring quantum control landscape structureNanduri, Arun; Donovan, Ashley; Ho, Tak-San; Rabitz, Herschel
10-Jun-2014Exploring the control landscape for nonlinear quantum dynamicsYan, Julia; Hocker, David; Long, Ruixing; Ho, Tak-San; Rabitz, Herschel
12-Dec-2012Exploring the tradeoff between fidelity and time optimal control of quantum unitary transformationsMoore Tibbetts, Katharine. W.; Brif, Constantin; Grace, Matthew D.; Donovan, Ashley; Hocker, David L.; et al
23-Sep-2013Exploring the transition-probability-control landscape of open quantum systems: Application to a two-level caseYang, Fei; Cong, Shuang; Long, Ruixing; Ho, Tak-San; Wu, Rebing; et al