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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Adaptive modulation in multi-user cognitive radio networks over fading channelsFoukalas, F; Khattab, T; Poor, HV
2015A canonical coalitional game theoretic approach for energy management for nanogridsTushar, W; Yuen, C; Smith, DB; Hassan, NU; Poor, HV
2014A college admissions game for uplink user association in wireless small cell networksSaad, W; Han, Z; Zheng, R; Debbah, M; Poor, HV
26-Oct-2012Degrees of Freedom Region of the MIMO Interference Channel With Output Feedback and Delayed CSITTandon, R; Mohajer, S; Poor, HV; Shamai, Shlomo
2017A Fair Individual Rate Comparison between MIMO-NOMA and MIMO-OMAZeng, M; Yadav, A; Dobre, OA; Poor, HV
1-Jan-2018Fronthaul-Aware Software-Defined Wireless Networks: Resource Allocation and User SchedulingLiu, CF; Samarakoon, S; Bennis, M; Poor, HV
2014A full-cooperative diversity beamforming scheme in two-way amplified-and-forward relay systemsZhao, Z; Ding, Z; Peng, M; Poor, HV
2019A motivational game-theoretic approach for peer-to-peer energy trading in the smart gridTushar, W; Saha, TK; Yuen, C; Morstyn, T; McCulloch, MD; et al
2017Nash region of the linear deterministic interference channel with noisy output feedbackQuintero, V; Perlaza, SM; Gorce, JM; Poor, HV
2016A polynomial-time method to find the sparsest unobservable attacks in power networksZhao, Y; Goldsmith, A; Poor, HV
2018Securing Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems by Trusted RelaysArafa, A; Shin, W; Vaezi, M; Poor, HV
10-Aug-2012Wideband Spectrum Sensing With Sub-Nyquist Sampling in Cognitive RadiosHongjian, Sun; Wei-Yu, Chiu; Jing, Jiang; Nallanathan, A; Poor, HV