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Aug-2012Combinatorial control of diverse metabolic and physiological functions by transcriptional regulators of the yeast sulfur assimilation pathwayPetti, Allegra A; McIsaac, R Scott; Ho-Shing, Olivia; Bussemaker, Harmen J; Botstein, David
Nov-2011Coordinated regulation of sulfur and phospholipid metabolism reflects the importance of methylation in the growth of yeastHickman, Mark J; Petti, Allegra A; Ho-Shing, Olivia; Silverman, Sanford J; McIsaac, R Scott; et al
15-Nov-2011Fast-acting and nearly gratuitous induction of gene expression and protein depletion in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMcIsaac, R Scott; Silverman, Sanford J; McClean, Megan N; Gibney, Patrick A; Macinskas, Joanna; et al
Aug-2012Perturbation-based analysis and modeling of combinatorial regulation in the yeast sulfur assimilation pathwayMcIsaac, R Scott; Petti, Allegra A; Bussemaker, Harmen J; Botstein, David