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-Community composition of ammonia-oxidizing archaea from surface and anoxic depths of oceanic oxygen minimum zonesPeng, Xuefeng; Jayakumar, Amal; Ward, Bess B
21-Jul-2016Long-term fertilization alters the relative importance of nitrate reduction pathways in salt marsh sedimentsPeng, Xuefeng; Ji, Qixing; Angell, John H; Kearns, Patrick J; Yang, Hannah J; et al
1-May-2015Nitrogen substrate–dependent nitrous oxide cycling in salt marsh sedimentsJi, Qixing; Babbin, Andrew R; Peng, Xuefeng; Bowen, Jennifer L; Ward, Bess B
16-Feb-2018Nitrogen uptake and nitrification in the subarctic North Atlantic OceanPeng, Xuefeng; Fawcett, Sarah E; van Oostende, Nicolas; Wolf, Martin J; Marconi, Dario; et al
15-Feb-2016Revisiting nitrification in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific: A focus on controlsPeng, Xuefeng; Fuchsman, Clara A; Jayakumar, Amal; Warner, Mark J; Devol, Allan H; et al