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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019Fast and pervasive heat transport induced by multiple locked modes in DIII-DHu, Q; Du, X; Yu, Q; Logan, NC; Kolemen, Egemen; et al
10-Dec-2015Impact of central ECCD on Steady-state hybrid scenario in DIII-DPetty, CC; Nazikian, R; Van Zeeland, MA; Pace, DC; Grierson, BA; et al
2018Initial development of the DIII-D snowflake divertor controlKolemen, Egemen; Vail, PJ; Makowski, MA; Allen, SL; Bray, BD; et al
2018Nonlinear modeling of the effect of multiple locked modes on heat transportHu, QM; Du, XD; Yu, Q; Logan, NC; Kolemen, Egemen; et al