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15-Dec-2014Derivation of ligands for the complement C3a receptor from the C-terminus of C5aHalai, Reena; Bellows-Peterson, Meghan L; Branchett, Will; Smadbeck, James; Kieslich, Chris A; et al
2016Discovery of functionally selective C5aR2 ligands: novel modulators of C5a signallingCroker, Daniel E; Monk, Peter N; Halai, Reena; Kaeslin, Geraldine; Schofield, Zoe; et al
2012De Novo Peptide Design with C3a Receptor Agonist and Antagonist Activities: Theoretical Predictions and Experimental ValidationBellows-Peterson, Meghan L; Fung, Ho Ki; Floudas, Christodoulos A; Kieslich, Chris A; Zhang, Li; et al