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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2019Astrometry with the Wide-Field Infrared Space TelescopeSanderson, Robyn E; Bellini, Andrea; Casertano, Stefano; Lu, Jessica R; Melchior, Peter M; et al
Aug-2018Baryon content in a sample of 91 galaxy clusters selected by the South Pole Telescope at 0.2 < z < 1.25Chiu, I; Mohr, JJ; McDonald, M; Bocquet, S; Desai, S; et al
May-2020Blinding multiprobe cosmological experimentsMuir, J; Bernstein, GM; Huterer, D; Elsner, F; Krause, E; et al
Dec-2018Block-simultaneous direction method of multipliers: a proximal primal-dual splitting algorithm for nonconvex problems with multiple constraintsMoolekamp, Fred; Melchior, Peter M
Mar-2019Candidate massive galaxies at z similar to 4 in the Dark Energy SurveyGuarnieri, Pierandrea; Maraston, Claudia; Thomas, Daniel; Pforr, Janine; Gonzalez-Perez, Violeta; et al
Dec-2018A catalogue of structural and morphological measurements for DES Y1Tarsitano, E; Hartley, WG; Amara, A; Bluck, A; Bruderer, C; et al
1-Dec-2016Comparing Dark Energy Survey and HST-CLASH observations of the galaxy cluster RXC J2248.7-4431: implications for stellar mass versus dark matterPalmese, A; Lahav, O; Banerji, M; Gruen, D; Jouvel, S; et al
15-Sep-2019Constraints on the redshift evolution of astrophysical feedback with Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect cross-correlationsPandey, S; Baxter, EJ; Xu, Z; Orlowski-Scherer, J; Zhu, N; et al
10-Jul-2017Core or Cusps: The Central Dark Matter Profile of a Strong Lensing Cluster with a Bright Central Image at Redshift 1Collett, Thomas E; Buckley-Geer, Elizabeth; Lin, Huan; Bacon, David; Nichol, Robert C; et al
11-Feb-2017Cosmic voids and void lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification dataSanchez, C; Clampitt, J; Kovacs, A; Jain, B; Garcia-Bellido, J; et al
3-May-2019Cosmological Constraints from Multiple Probes in the Dark Energy SurveyAbbott, TMC; Alarcon, A; Allam, S; Andersen, P; Andrade-Oliveira, F; et al
Nov-2017Cosmological constraints from the convergence 1-point probability distributionPatton, Kenneth; Blazek, Jonathan; Honscheid, Klaus; Huff, Eric; Melchior, Peter M; et al
Jul-2019Cosmological lensing ratios with DES Y1, SPT, and PlanckPrat, J; Baxter, E; Shin, T; Sanchez, C; Chang, C; et al
Dec-2016Cosmology constraints from shear peak statistics in Dark Energy Survey Science Verification dataKacprzak, T; Kirk, D; Friedrich, O; Amara, A; Refregier, A; et al
Feb-2017Cosmology from large-scale galaxy clustering and galaxy-galaxy lensing with Dark Energy Survey Science Verification dataKwan, J; Sanchez, C; Clampitt, J; Blazek, J; Crocce, M; et al
11-Jun-2016Cross-correlation of gravitational lensing from DES Science Verification data with SPT and Planck lensingKirk, D; Omori, Y; Benoit-Levy, A; Cawthon, R; Chang, C; et al
Jun-2018Cross-correlation redshift calibration without spectroscopic calibration samples in DES Science Verification DataDavis, C; Rozo, E; Roodman, A; Alarcon, A; Cawthon, R; et al
10-Oct-2017Crowded Field Galaxy Photometry: Precision Colors in the CLASH ClustersConnor, Thomas; Donahue, Megan; Kelson, Daniel D; Moustakas, John; Coe, Dan; et al
Nov-2019Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: constraints on intrinsic alignments and their colour dependence from galaxy clustering and weak lensingSamuroff, S; Blazek, J; Troxel, MA; MacCrann, N; Krause, E; et al