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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2021Causal network inference from gene transcriptional time-series response to glucocorticoidsLu, Jonathan; Dumitrascu, Bianca; McDowell, Ian C; Jo, Brian; Barrera, Alejandro; et al
2018Clustering gene expression time series data using an infinite Gaussian process mixture modelMcDowell, Ian C; Manandhar, Dinesh; Vockley, Christopher M; Schmid, Amy K; Reddy, Timothy E; et al
2017Co-expression networks reveal the tissue-specific regulation of transcription and splicingSaha, Ashis; Kim, Yungil; Gewirtz, Ariel D H; Jo, Brian; Gao, Chuan; et al
2016Context Specific and Differential Gene Co-expression Networks via Bayesian BiclusteringGao, Chuan; McDowell, Ian C; Zhao, Shiwen; Brown, Christopher D; Engelhardt, Barbara E
2018Glucocorticoid receptor recruits to enhancers and drives activation by motif-directed bindingMcDowell, Ian C; Barrera, Alejandro; D'Ippolito, Anthony M; Vockley, Christopher M; Hong, Linda K; et al