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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016Cute: A concatenative method for voice conversion using exemplar-based unit selectionJin, Zeyu; Finkelstein, Adam; Diverdi, Stephen; Lu, Jingwan; Mysore, Gautham J
Jul-2014DecoBrush: drawing structured decorative patterns by exampleLu, Jingwan; Barnes, Connelly; Wan, Connie; Asente, Paul; Mech, Radomir; et al
2018Fftnet: A Real-Time Speaker-Dependent Neural VocoderJin, Zeyu; Finkelstein, Adam; Mysore, Gautham J; Lu, Jingwan
Jul-2012HelpingHand: example-based stroke stylizationLu, Jingwan; Yu, Fisher; Finkelstein, Adam; DiVerdi, Stephen
2018PairedCycleGAN: Asymmetric Style Transfer for Applying and Removing MakeupChang, Huiwen; Lu, Jingwan; Yu, Fisher; Finkelstein, Adam
Oct-2011Perceptual models of viewpoint preferenceSecord, Adrian; Lu, Jingwan; Finkelstein, Adam; Singh, Manish; Nealen, Andrew
2013RealBrush: painting with examples of physical mediaLu, Jingwan; Barnes, Connelly; DiVerdi, Stephen; Finkelstein, Adam
Aug-2014RealPigment: paint compositing by exampleLu, Jingwan; DiVerdi, Stephen; Chen, Willa A; Barnes, Connelly; Finkelstein, Adam