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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016Cavity-enhanced second-harmonic generation via nonlinear-overlap optimizationLin, Z; Liang, X; Lončar, M; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2017Topology optimization of multi-track ring resonators and 2D microcavities for nonlinear frequency conversionLin, Z; Lončar, M; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2018Topology-optimized dual-polarization Dirac conesLin, Z; Christakis, L; Li, Y; Mazur, E; Rodriguez, Alejandro W; et al
2018Topology-Optimized Multilayered MetaopticsLin, Z; Groever, B; Capasso, F; Rodriguez, Alejandro W; Lončar, M