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11-Aug-2015Deep subsurface mine stalactites trap endemic fissure fluid Archaea, Bacteria, and Nematoda possibly originating from ancient seasBorgonie, Gaëtan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; Ojo, Abidemi; Shivambu, Steven; Kuloyo, Olukayode; et al
24-Nov-2015Eukaryotic opportunists dominate the deep-subsurface biosphere in South AfricaBorgonie, Gaetan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; Ojo, Adebayo O; Mundle, Scott OC; Freese, LB; et al
14-May-2018Fluctuations in populations of subsurface methane oxidizers in coordination with changes in electron acceptor availabilityMagnabosco, Cara; Timmers, Peer HA; Lau, Maggie CY; Borgonie, Gaetan; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; et al
1-Mar-2019New ecosystems in the deep subsurface follow the flow of water driven by geological activityBorgonie, Gaetan; Magnabosco, Cara; García-Moyano, Antonio; Linage-Alvarez, Borja; Ojo, Abidemi O; et al