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1-May-2014The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban heat island mitigation strategiesLi, Dan; Bou-Zeid, Elie R.; Oppenheimer, Michael
Aug-2013Modeling Land Surface Processes and Heavy Rainfall in Urban Environments: Sensitivity to Urban Surface RepresentationsLi, Dan; Bou-Zeid, Elie; Baeck, Mary Lynn; Jessup, Stephen; Smith, James A
4-Jan-2018The PLAG1-GDH1 Axis Promotes Anoikis Resistance and Tumor Metastasis through CamKK2-AMPK Signaling in LKB1-Deficient Lung Cancer.Jin, Lingtao; Chun, Jaemoo; Pan, Chaoyun; Kumar, Avi; Zhang, Guojing; et al