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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Adaptive network dynamics and evolution of leadership in collective migrationPais, Darren; Leonard, Naomi E
2018Cluster Synchronization of Diffusively Coupled Nonlinear Systems: A Contraction-Based ApproachAminzare, Z; Dey, B; Davison, EN; Leonard, Naomi E
2014A comparative study of drift diffusion and linear ballistic accumulator models in a reward maximization perceptual choice taskGoldfarb, Stephanie; Leonard, Naomi E; Simen, Patrick; Caicedo-Núñez, Carlos H; Holmes, Philip
2019A Continuous Threshold Model of Cascade DynamicsZhong, YD; Leonard, Naomi E
2019Heterogeneous stochastic interactions for multiple agents in a multi-armed bandit problemMadhushani, U; Leonard, Naomi E
2-Sep-2013A Mechanism for Value-Sensitive Decision-MakingPais, Darren; Hogan, Patrick M; Schlegel, Thomas; Franks, Nigel R; Leonard, Naomi E; et al
2018Minimum-time trajectories for steered agent with constraints on speed, lateral acceleration, and turning rateScott, WL; Leonard, Naomi E
2018Multiagent Decision-Making Dynamics Inspired by HoneybeesGray, R; Franci, A; Srivastava, V; Leonard, Naomi E
2018Regulation of harvester ant foraging as a closed-loop excitable systemPagliara, R; Gordon, DM; Leonard, Naomi E
2017Satisficing in Multi-Armed Bandit ProblemsReverdy, P; Srivastava, V; Leonard, Naomi E
31-Jan-2013Starling Flock Networks Manage Uncertainty in Consensus at Low CostYoung, George F; Scardovi, Luca; Cavagna, Andrea; Giardina, Irene; Leonard, Naomi E
Sep-2016Using Network Dynamical Influence to Drive ConsensusPunzo, Giuliano; Young, George F; Macdonald, Malcolm; Leonard, Naomi E