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Jul-2017Architectural protein Pita cooperates with dCTCF in organization of functional boundaries in Bithorax complex.Kyrchanova, Olga; Zolotarev, Nikolay; Mogila, Vladic; Maksimenko, Oksana; Schedl, Paul; et al
15-Aug-2018The bithorax complex iab-7 Polycomb response element has a novel role in the functioning of the Fab-7 chromatin boundary.Kyrchanova, Olga; Kurbidaeva, Amina; Sabirov, Marat; Postika, Nikolay; Wolle, Daniel; et al
12-Dec-2018Boundaries mediate long-distance interactions between enhancers and promoters in the Drosophila Bithorax complex.Postika, Nikolay; Metzler, Mario; Affolter, Markus; Müller, Martin; Schedl, Paul; et al
Nov-2015The boundary paradox in the Bithorax complexKyrchanova, Olga; Mogila, Vladic; Wolle, Daniel; Magbanua, Jose Paolo; White, Robert; et al
18-Jul-2016Functional Dissection of the Blocking and Bypass Activities of the Fab-8 Boundary in the Drosophila Bithorax Complex.Kyrchanova, Olga; Mogila, Vladic; Wolle, Daniel; Deshpande, Girish; Parshikov, Alexander; et al
7-Aug-2015Functional role of dimerization and CP190 interacting domains of CTCF protein in Drosophila melanogasterBonchuk, Artem; Maksimenko, Oksana; Kyrchanova, Olga; Ivlieva, Tatyana; Mogila, Vladic; et al
25-Mar-2020The insulator functions of the Drosophila polydactyl C2H2 zinc finger protein CTCF: Necessity versus sufficiencyKyrchanova, Olga; Maksimenko, Oksana; Ibragimov, Airat; Sokolov, Vladimir; Postika, Nikolay; et al
18-Feb-2021Mapping of functional elements of the Fab-6 boundary involved in the regulation of the Abd-B hox gene in Drosophila melanogasterPostika, Nikolay; Schedl, Paul D; Georgiev, Pavel; Kyrchanova, Olga
2021Redundant enhancers in the iab-5 domain cooperatively activate Abd-B in the A5 and A6 abdominal segments of DrosophilaPostika, Nikolay; Schedl, Paul D.; Georgiev, Pavel; Kyrchanova, Olga