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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016Gradients weights improve regression and classificationKpotufe, S; Boularias, A; Schultz, T; Kim, K
2015Hierarchical label queries with data-dependent partitionsKpotufe, S; Urner, R; Ben-David, S
2017Lipschitz Density-Ratios, Structured Data, and Data-driven TuningKpotufe, S
2014Optimal rates for k-NN density and mode estimationDasgupta, S; Kpotufe, S
2018Pac-bayes tree: Weighted subtrees with guaranteesNguyen, T; Kpotufe, S
2017Time-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Kernel Prediction: Controlling Prediction QualityKpotufe, S; Verma, N