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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2021Almost optimal super-constant-pass streaming lower bounds for reachabilityChen, Lijie; Kol, Gillat; Paramonov, Dmitry; Saxena, Raghuvansh; Song, Zhao; et al
2020Binary Interactive Error Resilience Beyond 1/8 (or why (1/2)^3>1/8)Efremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh
2018A Candidate for a Strong Separation of Information and CommunicationBraverman, Mark; Ganor, Anat; Kol, Gillat; Raz, Ran
Oct-2018Explicit Capacity Approaching Coding for Interactive CommunicationGelles, Ran; Haeupler, Bernhard; Kol, Gillat; Ron-Zewi, Noga; Wigderson, Avi
Jun-2018Interactive coding over the noisy broadcast channelEfremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh
2017Interactive Compression for Multi-Party ProtocolKol, Gillat; Oshman, Rotem; Sadeh, Dafna
Jun-2020Interactive error resilience beyond 2/7Efremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh R
2020Multi-Pass Graph Streaming Lower Bounds for Cycle Counting, MAX-CUT, Matching Size, and Other ProblemsAssadi, Sepehr; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh R; Yu, Huacheng
Jul-2020Noisy BeepsEfremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh
2019On the Computational Power of Radio ChannelsBraverman, Mark; Kol, Gillat; Oshman, Rotem; Tal, Avishay
2021Optimal error resilience of adaptive message exchangeEfremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh
2019Radio Network Coding Requires Logarithmic OverheadEfremenko, Klim; Kol, Gillat; Saxena, Raghuvansh
Jun-2017Time-space hardness of learning sparse paritiesKol, Gillat; Raz, Ran; Tal, Avishay