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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017Compositional recurrence analysis revisitedKincaid, Zachary; Breck, Jason; Boroujeni, Ashkan F; Reps, Thomas
Jul-2016Linear Arithmetic Satisfiability Via Strategy ImprovementFarzan, Azadeh; Kincaid, Zachary
2019Loop Summarization with Rational Vector Addition SystemsSilverman, Jake; Kincaid, Zachary
2017A New Notion of Compositionality for Concurrent Program Proofs (Invited Talk)Farzan, Azadeh; Kincaid, Zachary
Aug-2018Numerical Invariants via Abstract MachinesKincaid, Zachary
2019A Practical Algorithm for Structure EmbeddingMurphy, Charlie; Kincaid, Zachary
16-Apr-2018A Symbolic Decision Procedure for Symbolic Alternating Finite AutomataD'Antoni, Loris; Kincaid, Zachary; Wang, Fang
Jun-2020Templates and Recurrences: Better TogetherBreck, Jason; Cyphert, John; Kincaid, Zachary; Reps, Thomas