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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2015Ab initio multimode linewidth theory for arbitrary inhomogeneous laser cavitiesPick, A; Cerjan, A; Liu, D; Rodriguez, Alejandro W; Stone, AD; et al
2016Cavity-enhanced second-harmonic generation via nonlinear-overlap optimizationLin, Z; Liang, X; LonĨar, M; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2014Effectiveness of thin films in lieu of hyperbolic metamaterials in the near fieldMiller, OD; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2015Fluctuating volume-current formulation of electromagnetic fluctuations in inhomogeneous media: Incandescence and luminescence in arbitrary geometriesPolimeridis, AG; Reid, MTH; Jin, W; Johnson, SG; White, JK; et al
2017General theory of spontaneous emission near exceptional pointsPick, A; Zhen, B; Miller, OD; Hsu, CW; Hernandez, F; et al
2013Geometry-induced Casimir suspension of oblate bodies in fluidsRodriguez, Alejandro W; Reid, MTH; Intravaia, F; Woolf, A; Dalvit, DAR; et al
2014High-efficiency degenerate four-wave mixing in triply resonant nanobeam cavitiesLin, Z; Alcorn, T; Loncar, M; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2015On the computation of power in volume integral equation formulationsPolimeridis, AG; Reid, MTH; Johnson, SG; White, JK; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2015Radiative heat transfer in nonlinear Kerr mediaKhandekar, C; Pick, A; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W
2015Shape-Independent Limits to Near-Field Radiative Heat TransferMiller, OD; Johnson, SG; Rodriguez, Alejandro W