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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2017Detection of Time Lags between Quasar Continuum Emission Bands Based On Pan-STARRS Light CurvesJiang, Yan-Fei; Green, Paul J; Greene, Jenny E.; Morganson, Eric; Shen, Yue; et al
1-Dec-2011THE HOST GALAXIES OF LOW-MASS BLACK HOLESJiang, Yan-Fei; Greene, Jenny E.; Ho, Luis C; Xiao, Ting; Barth, Aaron J
Feb-2013A new way to conserve total energy for Eulerian hydrodynamic simulations with self-gravityJiang, Yan-Fei; Belyaev, Mikhail; Goodman, Jeremy J.; Stone, James M.