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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016Augmenting wide-band 802.11 transmissions via unequal packet bit protectionXie, Yaxiong; Li, Zhenjiang; Li, Mo; Jamieson, Kyle
7-Sep-2022Cellular-Assisted, Deep Learning Based COVID-19 Contact TracingYi, Fan; Xie, Yaxiong; Jamieson, Kyle
2019Challenge: Unlicensed LPWANs Are Not Yet the Path to Ubiquitous ConnectivityGhena, Branden; Adkins, Joshua; Shangguan, Longfei; Jamieson, Kyle; Levis, Philip; et al
Jun-2016The Design and Implementation of a Mobile RFID Tag Sorting RobotShangguan, Longfei; Jamieson, Kyle
2017FlexCore: Massively Parallel and Flexible Processing for Large MIMO Access PointsHusmann, Christopher; Georgis, Georgios; Nikitopoulos, Konstantinos; Jamieson, Kyle
2017Geosphere: An Exact Depth-First Sphere Decoder Architecture Scalable to Very Dense ConstellationsGeorgis, Georgios; Nikitopoulos, Konstantinos; Jamieson, Kyle
Dec-2016Leveraging Electromagnetic Polarization in a Two-Antenna Whiteboard in the AirShangguan, Longfei; Jamieson, Kyle
2019Leveraging quantum annealing for large MIMO processing in centralized radio access networksKim, Minsung; Venturelli, Davide; Jamieson, Kyle
Oct-2016LiFS: low human-effort, device-free localization with fine-grained subcarrier informationWang, Ju; Jiang, Hongbo; Xiong, Jie; Jamieson, Kyle; Chen, Xiaojiang; et al
2019mD-Track: Leveraging Multi-Dimensionality for Passive Indoor Wi-Fi TrackingXie, Yaxiong; Xiong, Jie; Li, Mo; Jamieson, Kyle
Sep-2015ParkMaster: Leveraging Edge Computing in Visual AnalyticsGrassi, Giulio; Sammarco, Matteo; Bahl, Paramvir; Jamieson, Kyle; Pau, Giovanni
Jul-2020PBE-CC: Congestion Control via Endpoint-Centric, Physical-Layer Bandwidth MeasurementsXie, Yaxiong; Yi, Fan; Jamieson, Kyle
2021Pushing the Physical Limits of IoT Devices with Programmable MetasurfacesChen, Lili; Hu, Wenjun; Jamieson, Kyle; Chen, Xiaojiang; Fang, Dingyi; et al
2021REITS: Reflective Surface for Intelligent Transportation SystemsLi, Zhuqi; Wu, Can; Wagner, Sigurd; Sturm, James C; Verma, Naveen; et al
Feb-2017ThruMapper: Through-Wall Building Tomography with a Single Mapping RobotTan, Bo; Chetty, Kevin; Jamieson, Kyle
2019Towards Programming the Radio Environment with Large Arrays of Inexpensive AntennasLi, Zhuqi; Xie, Yaxiong; Shangguan, Longfei; Zelaya, Rotman I; Gummeson, Jeremy; et al
2019Who's Afraid of Uncorrectable Bit Errors? Online Recovery of Flash Errors with Distributed RedundancyTai, Amy; Kryczka, Andrew; Kanaujia, Shobhit O; Jamieson, Kyle; Freedman, Michael J; et al
Oct-2016xD-track: leveraging multi-dimensional information for passive wi-fi trackingXie, Yaxiong; Xiong, Jie; Li, Mo; Jamieson, Kyle