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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2015The anamorphic universeIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
12-Jul-2018Bouncing cosmology made simpleIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
16-Sep-2016Classically Stable Nonsingular Cosmological BouncesIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
15-Jun-2014General mechanism for producing scale-invariant perturbations and small non-Gaussianity in ekpyrotic modelsIjjas, Anna; Lehners, Jean-Luc; Steinhardt, Paul J.
18-Feb-2016Implications of Planck2015 for inflationary, ekpyrotic and anamorphic bouncing cosmologiesIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
25-Jun-2013Inflationary paradigm in trouble after Planck2013Ijjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J; Loeb, Abraham
7-Sep-2014Inflationary schismIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Loeb, Abraham
10-Sep-2016NEC violation in mimetic cosmology revisitedIjjas, Anna; Ripley, Justin; Steinhardt, Paul J.
15-Jan-2014Scale-free primordial cosmologyIjjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Loeb, Abraham
15-Sep-2015Scale-invariant perturbations in ekpyrotic cosmologies without fine-tuning of initial conditionsLevy, Aaron M.; Ijjas, Anna; Steinhardt, Paul J.
Feb-2019The Simons Observatory: science goals and forecastsAde, Peter; Aguirre, James; Ahmed, Zeeshan; Aiola, Simone; Ali, Aamir; et al