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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2013An analysis of Facebook photo cachingHuang, Qi; Birman, Ken; van Renesse, Robbert; Lloyd, Wyatt; Kumar, Sanjeev; et al
2017Popularity Prediction of Facebook Videos for Higher Quality StreamingTang, Linpeng; Huang, Qi; Puntambekar, Amit; Vigfusson, Ymir; Lloyd, Wyatt; et al
2015RIPQ: Advanced Photo Caching on Flash for FacebookTang, Linpeng; Huang, Qi; Lloyd, Wyatt; Kumar, Sanjeev; Li, Kai
Oct-2017SVE: Distributed Video Processing at Facebook ScaleHuang, Qi; Ang, Petchean; Knowles, Peter; Nykiel, Tomasz; Tverdokhlib, Iaroslav; et al