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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2012Coalitional Games in Partition Form for Joint Spectrum Sensing and Access in Cognitive Radio NetworksSaad, Walid; Han, Zhu; Zheng, Rong; Hjorungnes, Are; Basar, Tamer; et al
Oct-2012A Cooperative Bayesian Nonparametric Framework for Primary User Activity Monitoring in Cognitive Radio NetworksSaad, Walid; Han, Zhu; Poor, H Vincent; Basar, Tamer; Song, Ju Bin
28-Feb-2018Game Theoretic Approaches to Massive Data Processing in Wireless NetworksZheng, Zijie; Song, Lingyang; Han, Zhu; Li, Geoffrey Ye; Poor, H Vincent
2015A Game-Theoretic Approach to Energy Trading in the Smart GridWang, Yunpeng; Saad, Walid; Han, Zhu; Poor, H Vincent; Basar, Tamer
22-Aug-2012Game-Theoretic Methods for the Smart Grid: An Overview of Microgrid Systems, Demand-Side Management, and Smart Grid CommunicationsSaad, Walid; Han, Zhu; Poor, H; Basar, Tamer
12-Aug-2015Perfect Output Feedback in the Two-User Decentralized Interference ChannelPerlaza, Samir M; Tandon, Ravi; Poor, H Vincent; Han, Zhu
21-Dec-2020Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Device-to-Device CommunicationsChen, Yali; Ai, Bo; Zhang, Hongliang; Niu, Yong; Song, Lingyang; et al