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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2013CODA: High dimensional Copula Discriminant AnalysisHan, Fang; Zhao, Tuo; Liu, Han
2014Context aware group nearest shrunken centroids in large-scale genomic studiesYang, Juemin; Han, Fang; Irizarry, Rafael A.; Liu, Han
1-Dec-2015A Direct Estimation of High Dimensional Stationary Vector AutoregressionsHan, Fang; Lu, Huanran; Liu, Han
2-Jan-2018ECA: High Dimensional Elliptical Component Analysis in Non-Gaussian DistributionsHan, Fang; Liu, Han
Oct-2014High Dimensional Semiparametric Scale-Invariant Principal Component AnalysisHan, Fang; Liu, Han
2016Joint estimation of multiple graphical models from high dimensional time seriesQiu, Huitong; Han, Fang; Liu, Han; Caffo, Brian
Oct-2016Robust inference of risks of large portfoliosFan, Jianqing; Han, Fang; Liu, Han; Vickers, Byron
2014Scale-Invariant Sparse PCA on High-Dimensional Meta-Elliptical DataHan, Fang; Liu, Han
2016Sparse median graphs estimation in a high-dimensional semiparametric modelHan, Fang; Han, Xiaoyan; Liu, Han; Caffo, Brian
2017Statistical analysis of latent generalized correlation matrix estimation in transelliptical distributionHan, Fang; Liu, Han