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3-Nov-2015Distal and proximal controls on the silicon stable isotope signature of North Atlantic Deep Waterde Souza, Gregory F; Slater, Richard D; Hain, Mathis P; Brzezinski, Mark A; Sarmiento, Jorge L
24-Mar-2015The effects of secular calcium and magnesium concentration changes on the thermodynamics of seawater acid/base chemistry: Implications for Eocene and Cretaceous ocean carbon chemistry and bufferingHain, Mathis P; Sigman, Daniel M; Higgins, John A; Haug, Gerald H
22-Apr-2021Ice Age-Holocene Similarity of Foraminifera-Bound Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in the Eastern Equatorial PacificStuder, Anja S; Mekik, Figen; Ren, Haojia; Hain, Mathis P; Oleynik, Sergey; et al
9-Feb-2015The impact of atmospheric pCO2 on carbon isotope ratios of the atmosphere and oceanGalbraith, Eric D; Kwon, Eun Y; Bianchi, Daniele; Hain, Mathis P; Sarmiento, Jorge L
23-May-2012North Atlantic ventilation of “southern-sourced” deep water in the glacial oceanKwon, Eun Young; Hain, Mathis P; Sigman, Daniel M; Galbraith, Eric D; Sarmiento, Jorge L; et al
6-Apr-2018Response to Comment by Zeebe and Tyrrell on “The Effects of Secular Calcium and Magnesium Concentration Changes on the Thermodynamics of Seawater Acid/Base Chemistry: Implications for the Eocene and Cretaceous Ocean Carbon Chemistry and Buffering”Hain, Mathis P; Sigman, Daniel M; Higgins, John A; Haug, Gerald H
30-Nov-2018A Seasonal Model of Nitrogen Isotopes in the Ice Age Antarctic Zone: Support for Weakening of the Southern Ocean Upper Overturning CellKemeny, Preston C; Kast, Emma R; Hain, Mathis P; Fawcett, Sarah E; Fripiat, François; et al