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4-Oct-2017Age-related neurodegenerative disease associated pathways identified in retinal and vitreous proteome from human glaucoma eyes.Mirzaei, Mehdi; Gupta, Veer B; Chick, Joel M; Greco, Todd M; Wu, Yunqi; et al
Nov-2012Aurora B-dependent Regulation of Class IIa Histone Deacetylases by Mitotic Nuclear Localization Signal PhosphorylationGuise, Amanda J; Greco, Todd M; Zhang, Irene Y; Yu, Fang; Cristea, Ileana M
2016Determining the Composition and Stability of Protein Complexes Using an Integrated Label-Free and Stable Isotope Labeling Strategy.Greco, Todd M; Guise, Amanda J; Cristea, Ileana M
Jun-2015DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A associates with viral proteins and impacts HSV-1 infectionRowles, Daniell L; Tsai, Yuan-Chin; Greco, Todd M; Lin, Aaron E; Li, Minghao; et al
25-Sep-2017Formation of a TBX20-CASZ1 protein complex is protective against dilated cardiomyopathy and critical for cardiac homeostasis.Kennedy, Leslie; Kaltenbrun, Erin; Greco, Todd M; Temple, Brenda; Herring, Laura E; et al
23-May-2016HIV–host interactome revealed directly from infected cellsLuo, Yang; Jacobs, Erica Y; Greco, Todd M; Mohammed, Kevin D; Tong, Tommy; et al
24-Aug-2016Identification of RNA Binding Proteins Associated with Dengue Virus RNA in Infected Cells Reveals Temporally Distinct Host Factor RequirementsViktorovskaya, Olga V; Greco, Todd M; Cristea, Ileana M; Thompson, Sunnie R
Feb-2018Initiating Events in Direct Cardiomyocyte Reprogramming.Sauls, Kimberly; Greco, Todd M; Wang, Li; Zou, Meng; Villasmil, Michelle; et al
14-Jun-2019Protein interactions and consensus clustering analysis uncover insights into herpesvirus virion structure and function relationships.Hernández Durán, Anna; Greco, Todd M; Vollmer, Benjamin; Cristea, Ileana M; Grünewald, Kay; et al
Nov-2013A Proteomic Perspective of Inbuilt Viral Protein Regulation: pUL46 Tegument Protein is Targeted for Degradation by ICP0 during Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 InfectionLin, Aaron E; Greco, Todd M; Döhner, Katinka; Sodeik, Beate; Cristea, Ileana M
Mar-2016The Proteomic Profile of Deleted in Breast Cancer 1 (DBC1) Interactions Points to a Multifaceted Regulation of Gene ExpressionGiguère, Sophie SB; Guise, Amanda J; Jean Beltran, Pierre M; Joshi, Preeti M; Greco, Todd M; et al
Jan-2014Sirtuin 7 Plays a Role in Ribosome Biogenesis and Protein SynthesisTsai, Yuan-Chin; Greco, Todd M; Cristea, Ileana M
12-Sep-2017Sirtuin Lipoamidase Activity Is Conserved in Bacteria as a Regulator of Metabolic Enzyme Complexes.Rowland, Elizabeth A; Greco, Todd M; Snowden, Caroline K; McCabe, Anne L; Silhavy, Thomas J; et al
28-Jun-2016Temporal Regulation of the Bacillus subtilis Acetylome and Evidence for a Role of MreB Acetylation in Cell Wall GrowthCarabetta, Valerie J; Greco, Todd M; Tanner, Andrew W; Cristea, Ileana M; Dubnau, David