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15-Jun-2016Calcium isotopes in scleractinian fossil corals since the Mesozoic: Implications for vital effects and biomineralization through timeGothmann, Anne M; Bender, Michael L; Blättler, Clara L; Swart, Peter K; Giri, Sharmila J; et al
1-Apr-2019A Cenozoic record of seawater uranium in fossil coralsGothmann, Anne M; Higgins, John A; Adkins, Jess F; Broecker, Wally S; Farley, Kenneth A; et al
15-Dec-2020A modern scleractinian coral with a two-component calcite–aragonite skeletonStolarski, Jarosław; Coronado, Ismael; Murphy, Jack G; Kitahara, Marcelo V; Janiszewska, Katarzyna; et al