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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Apr-2016Fabrication of slender elastic shells by the coating of curved surfaces.Lee, A; Brun, P-T; Marthelot, J; Balestra, G; Gallaire, F; et al
1-Sep-2016Foam on troubled water: Capillary induced finite-time arrest of sloshing wavesViola, F; Brun, PT; Dollet, B; Gallaire, F
27-Nov-2017Oscillations of confined fibres transported in microchannelsNagel, M; Brun, PT; Berthet, H; Lindner, A; Gallaire, F; et al
18-Jun-2019Particle size selection in capillary instability of locally heated coaxial fiberMowlavi, S; Shukla, I; Brun, PT; Gallaire, F
2015Rayleigh-Taylor instability under an inclined planeBrun, PT; Damiano, A; Rieu, P; Balestra, G; Gallaire, F
7-Dec-2016Rayleigh-Taylor instability under curved substrates: An optimal transient growth analysisBalestra, G; Brun, PT; Gallaire, F
19-Dec-2017Three-dimensional Rayleigh–Taylor instability under a unidirectional curved substrateBalestra, G; Kofman, N; Brun, PT; Scheid, B; Gallaire, F