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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Aggregation and Degradation in JetStream: Streaming Analytics in the Wide AreaRabkin, Ariel; Arye, Matvey; Sen, Siddhartha; Pai, Vivek S; Freedman, Michael J
Apr-2014Algorithmic improvements for fast concurrent Cuckoo hashingLi, Xiaozhou; Andersen, David G; Kaminsky, Michael; Freedman, Michael J
2016Be Fast, Cheap and in Control with SwitchKVLi, Xiaozhou; Sethi, Raghav; Kaminsky, Michael; Andersen, David G; Freedman, Michael J
2011Bilateral and Multilateral Exchanges for Peer-Assisted Content DistributionAperjis, Christina; Johari, Ramesh; Freedman, Michael J
2016Blockstack: A Global Naming and Storage System Secured by BlockchainsAli, Muneeb; Nelson, Jude; Shea, Ryan; Freedman, Michael J
2011Brief Announcement: Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap in Multi-commodity Flow RoutingSen, Siddhartha; Ihm, Sunghwan; Ousterhout, Kay; Freedman, Michael J
2015CONIKS: Bringing Key Transparency to End UsersMelara, Marcela S; Blankstein, Aaron; Bonneau, Joseph; Felten, Edward W; Freedman, Michael J
2016Efficient Set Intersection with Simulation-Based SecurityFreedman, Michael J; Hazay, Carmit; Nissim, Kobbi; Pinkas, Benny
2012A formally-verified migration protocol for mobile, multi-homed hostsArye, Matvey; Nordström, Erik; Kiefer, Robert; Rexford, Jennifer; Freedman, Michael J
Sep-2011Frenetic: a network programming languageFoster, Nate; Harrison, Rob; Freedman, Michael J; Monsanto, Christopher; Rexford, Jennifer; et al
Apr-2014From application requests to virtual IOPs: provisioned key-value storage with LibraShue, David; Freedman, Michael J
2014From Feast to Famine: Managing Mobile Network Resources Across Environments and PreferencesKiefer, Robert; Nordström, Erik; Freedman, Michael J
2015HONE: Joint Host-Network Traffic Management in Software-Defined NetworksSun, Peng; Yu, Minlan; Freedman, Michael J; Rexford, Jennifer; Walker, David
2017Hyperbolic Caching: Flexible Caching for Web ApplicationsBlankstein, Aaron; Sen, Siddhartha; Freedman, Michael J
2017Live Video Analytics at Scale with Approximation and Delay-ToleranceZhang, Haoyu; Ananthanarayanan, Ganesh; Bodik, Peter; Philipose, Matthai; Bahl, Paramvir; et al
2013Making Every Bit Count in Wide-Area AnalyticsRabkin, Ariel; Arye, Matvey; Sen, Siddhartha; Pai, Vivek; Freedman, Michael J
2009Object Storage on CRAQ: High-Throughput Chain Replication for Read-Mostly WorkloadsTerrace, Jeff; Freedman, Michael J
2012Performance Isolation and Fairness for Multi-Tenant Cloud StorageShue, David; Freedman, Michael J; Shaikh, Anees
2016Replex: A Scalable, Highly Available Multi-Index Data StoreTai, Amy; Wei, Michael; Freedman, Michael J; Abraham, Ittai; Malkhi, Dahlia
Apr-2018Riffle: optimized shuffle service for large-scale data analyticsZhang, Haoyu; Cho, Brian; Seyfe, Ergin; Ching, Avery; Freedman, Michael J