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4-Feb-2013Atmospheric CO2 response to volcanic eruptions: The role of ENSO, season, and variabilityFrölicher, Thomas L; Joos, Fortunat; Raible, Christoph C; Sarmiento, Jorge L
13-Jan-2016Building confidence in projections of the responses of living marine resources to climate changeCheung, William WL; Frölicher, Thomas L; Asch, Rebecca G; Jones, Miranda C; Pinsky, Malin L; et al
1-Apr-2013Connecting Changing Ocean Circulation with Changing ClimateWinton, Michael; Griffies, Stephen M; Samuels, Bonita L; Sarmiento, Jorge L; Frölicher, Thomas L
2-Jul-2014The declining uptake rate of atmospheric CO2 by land and ocean sinksSarmiento, Jorge; Raupach, Michael R; Gloor, Manuel; Canadell, Josep G; Frölicher, Thomas L; et al
21-Jan-2015Dominance of the Southern Ocean in Anthropogenic Carbon and Heat Uptake in CMIP5 ModelsFrölicher, Thomas L; Sarmiento, Jorge L; Paynter, David J; Dunne, John P; Krasting, John P; et al
23-Jul-2020Time of Emergence and Large Ensemble Intercomparison for Ocean Biogeochemical TrendsSchlunegger, Sarah; Rodgers, Keith B; Sarmiento, Jorge L; Ilyina, Tatiana; Dunne, John P; et al
18-Apr-2016When can ocean acidification impacts be detected from decadal alkalinity measurements?Carter, Brendan R; Frölicher, Thomas L; Dunne, John P; Rodgers, Keith B; Slater, Richard D; et al