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4-Dec-2014Cellular Mechanisms of Alpha Herpesvirus Egress: Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy of Pseudorabies Virus ExocytosisHogue, Ian B; Bosse, Jens B; Hu, Jiun-Ruey; Thiberge, Stephan Y; Enquist, Lynn W
1-Oct-2018Characterization of the neuroinvasive profile of a pseudorabies virus recombinant expressing the mTurquoise2 reporter in single and multiple injection experiments.Hogue, Ian B; Card, J Patrick; Rinaman, Linda; Staniszewska Goraczniak, Halina; Enquist, Lynn W
26-Oct-2017Compartmented neuronal cultures reveal two distinct mechanisms for alpha herpesvirus escape from genome silencing.Koyuncu, Orkide O; MacGibeny, Margaret A; Hogue, Ian B; Enquist, Lynn W
Jun-2015Investigating the biology of alpha herpesviruses with MS-based proteomicsEngel, Esteban A; Song, Ren; Koyuncu, Orkide O; Enquist, Lynn W
3-Sep-2014Long-term Cre-mediated retrograde tagging of neurons using a novel recombinant pseudorabies virusOyibo, Hassana K; Znamenskiy, Petr; Oviedo, Hysell V; Enquist, Lynn W; Zador, Anthony M
23-Nov-2015Open LED Illuminator: A Simple and Inexpensive LED Illuminator for Fast Multicolor Particle Tracking in NeuronsBosse, Jens B; Tanneti, Nikhila S; Hogue, Ian B; Enquist, Lynn W
20-Oct-2015Remodeling nuclear architecture allows efficient transport of herpesvirus capsids by diffusionBosse, Jens B; Hogue, Ian B; Feric, Marina; Thiberge, Stephan Y; Sodeik, Beate; et al
20-Jul-2018Retrograde axonal transport of rabies virus is unaffected by interferon treatment but blocked by emetine locally in axons.MacGibeny, Margaret A; Koyuncu, Orkide O; Wirblich, Christoph; Schnell, Matthias J; Enquist, Lynn W
19-Mar-2013Role of Us9 Phosphorylation in Axonal Sorting and Anterograde Transport of Pseudorabies VirusKratchmarov, Radomir; Taylor, Matthew P; Enquist, Lynn W