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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2020Geologic evidence for an icehouse Earth before the Sturtian global glaciationMacLennan, Scott A; Eddy, Michael P; Merschat, Arthur J; Mehra, Akshay K; Crockford, Peter W; et al
2-Nov-2018GHR1 Zircon – A New Eocene Natural Reference Material for Microbeam U-Pb Geochronology and Hf Isotopic Analysis of ZirconEddy, Michael P; Ibañez-Mejia, Mauricio; Burgess, Seth D; Coble, Matthew A; Cordani, Umberto G; et al
14-Feb-2020Half a million years of magmatic history recorded in a K-feldspar megacryst of the Tuolumne Intrusive Complex, California, USAChambers, Melissa; Memeti, Valbone; Eddy, Michael P; Schoene, Blair
Aug-2013Khatyrka, a new CV3 find from the Koryak Mountains, Eastern RussiaMacPherson, Glenn J; Andronicos, Christopher L; Bindi, Luca; Distler, Vadim V; Eddy, Michael P; et al
22-Feb-2019U-Pb constraints on pulsed eruption of the Deccan Traps across the end-Cretaceous mass extinctionSchoene, Blair; Eddy, Michael P; Samperton, Kyle M; Keller, C Brenhin; Keller, Gerta; et al