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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-20123.6 and 4.5 μm Phase Curves and Evidence for Non-equilibrium Chemistry in the Atmosphere of Extrasolar Planet HD 189733bKnutson, Heather A.; Lewis, Nikole; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Burrows, Adam S.; Showman, Adam P; et al
Oct-20153.6 and 4.5 μm Phase Curves of the Highly Irradiated Eccentric Hot Jupiter WASP-14bWong, Ian; Knutson, Heather A.; Lewis, Nikole K; Kataria, Tiffany; Burrows, Adam S.; et al
Jun-20163.6 and 4.5 μm Spitzer Phase Curves of the Highly Irradiated Hot Jupiters WASP-19b and HAT-P-7bWong, Ian; Knutson, Heather A.; Kataria, Tiffany; Lewis, Nikole K; Burrows, Adam S.; et al
20-Jul-2014The 4.5 μm Full-orbit Phase Curve of the Hot Jupiter HD 209458bZellem, Robert T; Lewis, Nikole K; Knutson, Heather A.; Griffith, Caitlin A; Showman, Adam P; et al
20-Oct-2014Constraints on the Atmospheric Circulation and Variability of the Eccentric Hot Jupiter XO-3bWong, Ian; Knutson, Heather A.; Cowan, Nicolas B; Lewis, Nikole K; Agol, Eric; et al
Jan-2016A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletionSing, David K; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Nikolov, Nikolay; Wakeford, Hannah R; Kataria, Tiffany; et al
10-Mar-2014The Emergent 1.1-1.7 μm Spectrum of the Exoplanet CoRoT-2b as Measured Using the Hubble Space TelescopeWilkins, Ashlee N; Deming, Drake; Madhusudhan, Nikku; Burrows, Adam S.; Knutson, Heather A.; et al
20-Dec-2013Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy Using WFC3: WASP-12 b, WASP-17 b, and WASP-19 bMandell, Avi M; Haynes, Korey; Sinukoff, Evan; Madhusudhan, Nikku; Burrows, Adam S.; et al
Aug-2016HST Hot-Jupiter Transmission Spectral Survey: Clear Skies for Cool Saturn WASP-39bFischer, Patrick D; Knutson, Heather A.; Sing, David K; Henry, Gregory W; Williamson, Michael W; et al
Apr-2013Infrared Spectroscopy of the Exoplanets CoRoT-2b, XO-1b, HD 209458b Using the Wide-Field Camera-3 On the Hubble Space TelescopeWilkins, Ashlee; Deming, Drake; McCullough, Peter; Burrows, Adam S.; Madhusudhan, Nikku; et al
10-Sep-2013Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of the Exoplanets HD 209458b and XO-1b Using the Wide Field Camera-3 on the Hubble Space TelescopeDeming, Drake; Wilkins, Ashlee; McCullough, Peter; Burrows, Adam S.; Fortney, Jonathan J.; et al
1-Apr-2013Orbital Phase Variations of the Eccentric Giant Planet HAT-P-2bLewis, Nikole K; Knutson, Heather A.; Showman, Adam P; Cowan, Nicolas B; Laughlin, Gregory P.; et al
Feb-2018Phase Curves of WASP-33b and HD 149026b and a New Correlation between Phase Curve Offset and Irradiation TemperatureZhang, Michael; Knutson, Heather A.; Kataria, Tiffany; Schwartz, Joel C; Cowan, Nicolas B; et al
20-Feb-2017Planet-induced Stellar Pulsations in HAT-P-2’s Eccentric Systemde Wit, Julien; Lewis, Nikole K; Knutson, Heather A.; Fuller, Jim; Antoci, Victoria; et al
20-Aug-2013Secondary Eclipse Photometry of the Exoplanet WASP-5b with Warm SpitzerBaskin, Nathaniel J; Knutson, Heather A.; Burrows, Adam S.; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Lewis, Nikole K; et al
10-Sep-2015Spitzer Secondary Eclipse Observations of Five Cool Gas Giant Planets and Empirical Trends in Cool Planet Emission SpectraKammer, Joshua A.; Knutson, Heather A.; Line, Michael R; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Deming, Drake; et al
Jun-2015Spitzer Secondary Eclipses of the Dense, Modestly-irradiated, Giant Exoplanet HAT-P-20b Using Pixel-level DecorrelationDeming, Drake; Knutson, Heather A.; Kammer, Joshua A.; Fulton, Benjamin J; Ingalls, James; et al
1-Mar-2012Thermal Phase Variations of WASP-12b: Defying PredictionsCowan, Nicolas B; Machalek, Pavel; Croll, Bryce; Shekhtman, Louis M; Burrows, Adam S.; et al
Sep-2016Transiting Exoplanet Studies and Community Targets for JWST’s Early Release Science ProgramStevenson, Kevin B; Lewis, Nikole K; Bean, Jacob L; Beichman, Charles; Fraine, Jonathan; et al