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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Control of McKean-Vlasov dynamics versus mean field gamesCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F; Lachapelle, A
1-Jan-2015Forward-backward stochastic differential equations and controlled Mckean-Vlasov dynamicsCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F
1-Jan-2014The master equation for large population equilibriumsCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F
14-Aug-2013Mean field forward-backward stochastic differential equationsCarmon, Rene; Delarue, F
1-Aug-2017Mean Field Games of Timing and Models for Bank RunsCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F; Lacker, D
1-Nov-2016Mean field games with common noiseCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F; Lacker, D
6-Dec-2013Probabilistic analysis of mean-field gamesCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F
1-Oct-2013Singular FBSDEs and scalar conservation laws driven by diffusion processesCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F
1-Jun-2013Singular forward-backward stochastic differential equations and emissions derivativesCarmona, Rene; Delarue, F; Espinosa, GE; Touzi, N