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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2012Choice-specific sequences in parietal cortex during a virtual-navigation decision taskHarvey, Christopher; Coen, Philip; Tank, David
23-Sep-2015Connecting Neural Codes with Behavior in the Auditory System of DrosophilaClemens, Jan; Girardin, Cyrille C; Coen, Philip; Guan, Xiao-Juan; Dickson, Barry J; et al
6-Aug-2018Discovery of a New Song Mode in Drosophila Reveals Hidden Structure in the Sensory and Neural Drivers of BehaviorClemens, Jan; Coen, Philip; Roemschied, Frederic A; Pereira, Talmo D; Mazumder, David; et al
29-Aug-2017Experimental and statistical reevaluation provides no evidence for Drosophila courtship song rhythmsStern, David L; Clemens, Jan; Coen, Philip; Calhoun, Adam J; Hogenesch, John B; et al
31-Jan-2013Multi-channel acoustic recording and automated analysis of Drosophila courtship songsArthur, Benjamin J; Sunayama-Morita, Tomoko; Coen, Philip; Murthy, Mala; Stern, David L
3-Feb-2016Sensorimotor Transformations Underlying Variability in Song Intensity during Drosophila CourtshipCoen, Philip; Xie, Marjorie; Clemens, Jan; Murthy, Mala
Jun-2016Singing on the fly: sensorimotor integration and acoustic communication in DrosophilaCoen, Philip; Murthy, Mala