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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Optimal Power Allocation in Block Fading Channels With Confidential MessagesChorti, Arsenia; Papadaki, Katerina; Poor, H Vincent
12-Feb-2015Optimal power allocation in block fading Gaussian channels with causal CSI and secrecy constraintsChorti, Arsenia; Papadaki, Katerina; Poor, H Vincent
-Protecting Physical Layer Secret Key Generation from Active AttacksMitev, Miroslav; Chorti, Arsenia; Belmega, E Veronica; Poor, H Vincent
25-Feb-2022Secure Transmission Design for Cooperative NOMA in the Presence of Internal EavesdroppingSu, Binbin; Yu, Wenjuan; Liu, Hongbo; Chorti, Arsenia; Poor, H Vincent