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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2019Gradient descent with random initialization: fast global convergence for nonconvex phase retrievalChen, Yuxin; Chi, Y; Fan, Jianqing; Ma, C
-How MagNet: Machine Learning Framework for Modeling Power Magnetic Material CharacteristicsChen, Minjie; Li, Haoran; Serrano, Diego; Guillod, Thomas; Wang, Shukai; et al
2020Implicit Regularization in Nonconvex Statistical Estimation: Gradient Descent Converges Linearly for Phase Retrieval, Matrix Completion, and Blind DeconvolutionMa, C; Wang, K; Chi, Y; Chen, Yuxin
2019Inference and uncertainty quantification for noisy matrix completionChen, Yuxin; Fan, Jianqing; Ma, C; Yan, Y
12-Mar-2021Learning Mixtures of Low-Rank ModelsChen, Yanxi; Ma, Cong; Poor, H Vincent; Chen, Yuxin
2019The likelihood ratio test in high-dimensional logistic regression is asymptotically a rescaled Chi-squareSur, P; Chen, Yuxin; Candès, EJ
3-Jun-2021Nonconvex Low-Rank Tensor Completion from Noisy DataCai, Changxiao; Li, Gen; Poor, H Vincent; Chen, Yuxin
2019Nonconvex Optimization Meets Low-Rank Matrix Factorization: An OverviewChi, Y; Lu, YM; Chen, Yuxin
2018The Projected Power Method: An Efficient Algorithm for Joint Alignment from Pairwise DifferencesChen, Yuxin; Candès, EJ
2019Spectral method and regularized mle are both optimal for top-K rankingChen, Yuxin; Fan, Jianqing; Ma, C; Wang, K
Apr-2021Subspace estimation from unbalanced and incomplete data matrices: ℓ2,∞ statistical guaranteesCai, Changxiao; Li, Gen; Chi, Yuejie; Poor, H Vincent; Chen, Yuxin
12-Sep-2022Uncertainty Quantification for Nonconvex Tensor Completion: Confidence Intervals, Heteroscedasticity and OptimalityCai, Changxiao; Poor, H Vincent; Chen, Yuxin
1-Feb-2023Why MagNet: Quantifying the Complexity of Modeling Power Magnetic Material CharacteristicsChen, Minjie; Serrano, Diego; Li, Haoran; Wang, Shukai; Guillod, Thomas; et al