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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2016Atomic-Scale Visualization of Quantum Interference on a Weyl Semimetal Surface by Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyZheng, Hao; Xu, Su-Yang; Bian, Guang; Guo, Cheng; Chang, Guoqing; et al
Dec-2016Atomic-Scale Visualization of Quasiparticle Interference on a Type-II Weyl Semimetal SurfaceZheng, Hao; Bian, Guang; Chang, Guoqing; Lu, Hong; Xu, Su-Yang; et al
Feb-2016Criteria for Directly Detecting Topological Fermi Arcs in Weyl SemimetalsBelopolski, Ilya; Xu, Su-Yang; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Chang, Guoqing; Guo, Cheng; et al
Dec-2015Direct transition resonance in atomically uniform topological Sb(111) thin filmsBian, Guang; Xu, Caizhi; Chang, Tay-Rong; Wang, Xiaoxiong; Velury, Saavanth; et al
5-Dec-2016Discovery of a new type of topological Weyl fermion semimetal state in MoxW1−xTe2Belopolski, Ilya; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Ishida, Yukiaki; Pan, Xingchen; Yu, Peng; et al
29-Mar-2016Discovery of Lorentz-violating Weyl fermion semimetal state in LaAlGe materialsXu, Su-Yang; Alidoust, Nasser; Chang, Guoqing; Lu, Hong; Singh, Bahadur; et al
Mar-2016Drumhead surface states and topological nodal-line fermions in TlTaSe2Bian, Guang; Chang, Tay-Rong; Zheng, Hao; Velury, Saavanth; Xu, Su-Yang; et al
1-Jun-2016Experimental observation of two massless Dirac-fermion gases in graphene-topological insulator heterostructureBian, Guang; Chung, Ting-Fung; Chen, Chaoyu; Liu, Chang; Chang, Tay-Rong; et al
18-Jul-2017Monoclinic 122-Type BaIr2Ge2 with a Channel Framework: A Structural Connection between Clathrate and Layered CompoundsGui, Xin; Chang, Tay-Rong; Kong, Tai; Pan, Max T.; Cava, Robert Joseph; et al
2-Feb-2016New type of Weyl semimetal with quadratic double Weyl fermionsHuang, Shin-Ming; Xu, Su-Yang; Belopolski, Ilya; Lee, Chi-Cheng; Chang, Guoqing; et al
10-May-2017Nexus fermions in topological symmorphic crystalline metalsChang, Guoqing; Xu, Su-Yang; Huang, Shin-Ming; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Hsu, Chuang-Han; et al
7-Nov-2016Observation of the spin-polarized surface state in a noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPdNeupane, Madhab; Alidoust, Nasser; Hosen, M Mofazzel; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Dimitri, Klauss; et al
15-Feb-2016Prediction of an arc-tunable Weyl Fermion metallic state in MoxW1−xTe2Chang, Tay-Rong; Xu, Su-Yang; Chang, Guoqing; Lee, Chi-Cheng; Huang, Shin-Ming; et al
25-Feb-2016Signatures of the Adler–Bell–Jackiw chiral anomaly in a Weyl fermion semimetalZhang, Cheng-Long; Xu, Su-Yang; Belopolski, Ilya; Yuan, Zhujun; Lin, Ziquan; et al
10-Jan-2017A strongly robust Weyl fermion semimetal state in Ta3S2Chang, Guoqing; Xu, Su-Yang; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Huang, Shin-Ming; Lee, Chi-Cheng; et al
Jun-2015Surface versus bulk Dirac state tuning in a three-dimensional topological Dirac semimetalNeupane, Madhab; Xu, Su-Yang; Alidoust, Nasser; Sankar, Raman; Belopolski, Ilya; et al
22-Dec-2016Topological Weyl phase transition in MoxW1−xTe2Belopolski, Ilya; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Ishida, Yukiaki; Yu, Peng; Zhang, Songtian S.; et al
Apr-2015Two distinct topological phases in the mixed-valence compound YbB6 and its differences from SmB6Chang, Tay-Rong; Das, Tanmoy; Chen, Peng-Jen; Neupane, Madhab; Xu, Su-Yang; et al
27-Jun-2016Type-II Topological Dirac Semimetals: Theory and Materials Prediction (VAl3 family)Chang, Tay-Rong; Xu, Su-Yang; Sanchez, Daniel S.; Huang, Shin-Ming; Chang, Guoqing; et al