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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2011Accurate proteome-wide protein quantification from high-resolution15N mass spectraKhan, Z; Amini, S; Bloom, JS; Ruse, C; Caudy, AA; et al
10-Apr-2014Broad metabolic sensitivity profiling of a prototrophic yeast deletion collectionVanderSluis, B; Hess, DC; Pesyna, C; Krumholz, EW; Syed, T; et al
16-Jan-2013Comparative gene expression between two yeast speciesGuan, Y; Dunham, MJ; Troyanskaya, Olga G.; Caudy, AA
1-Sep-2013A New System for Comparative Functional Genomics of Saccharomyces YeastsCaudy, AA; Guan, Y; Jia, Y; Hansen, C; DeSevo, C; et al
28-Apr-2014Nucleotide degradation and ribose salvage in yeastXu, Y-F; Letisse, F; Absalan, F; Lu, W; Kuznetsova, E; et al
14-Aug-2012Quantitative measurement of allele-specific protein expression in a diploid yeast hybrid by LC-MSKhan, Z; Bloom, JS; Amini, S; Singh, Mona; Perlman, DH; et al
12-Nov-2013Yeast metabolic and signaling genes are required for heat-shock survival and have little overlap with the heat-induced genesGibney, PA; Lu, C; Caudy, AA; Hess, DC; Botstein, D