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26-Oct-2018Designing soft materials with interfacial instabilities in liquid films.Marthelot, J; Strong, EF; Reis, PM; Brun, P-T
4-Apr-2016Fabrication of slender elastic shells by the coating of curved surfaces.Lee, A; Brun, P-T; Marthelot, J; Balestra, G; Gallaire, F; et al
22-Oct-2013Generic path for droplet relaxation in microfluidic channels.Brun, P-T; Nagel, Mathias; Gallaire, Fran├žois
Sep-2018The interaction of a walking droplet and a submerged pillar: From scattering to the logarithmic spiral.Harris, Daniel M; Brun, P-T; Damiano, Adam; Faria, Luiz M; Bush, John WM
May-2015Liquid ropes: a geometrical model for thin viscous jet instabilities.Brun, P-T; Audoly, Basile; Ribe, Neil M; Eaves, TS; Lister, John R
Jun-2016The surprising dynamics of a chain on a pulley: lift off and snapping.Brun, P-T; Audoly, Basile; Goriely, Alain; Vella, Dominic