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4-Dec-2014Cellular Mechanisms of Alpha Herpesvirus Egress: Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy of Pseudorabies Virus ExocytosisHogue, Ian B; Bosse, Jens B; Hu, Jiun-Ruey; Thiberge, Stephan Y; Enquist, Lynn W
23-Nov-2015Open LED Illuminator: A Simple and Inexpensive LED Illuminator for Fast Multicolor Particle Tracking in NeuronsBosse, Jens B; Tanneti, Nikhila S; Hogue, Ian B; Enquist, Lynn W
20-Oct-2015Remodeling nuclear architecture allows efficient transport of herpesvirus capsids by diffusionBosse, Jens B; Hogue, Ian B; Feric, Marina; Thiberge, Stephan Y; Sodeik, Beate; et al
17-Dec-2015Structural Basis of Vesicle Formation at the Inner Nuclear MembraneHagen, Christoph; Dent, Kyle C; Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, Tzviya; Grange, Michael; Bosse, Jens B; et al