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-Collisions in outer space produced an icosahedral phase in the Khatyrka meteorite never observed previously in the laboratoryBindi, Luca; Lin, Chaney; Ma, Chi; Steinhardt, Paul J.
15-May-2018Cosmic history and a candidate parent asteroid for the quasicrystal-bearing meteorite KhatyrkaMeier, Matthias MM; Bindi, Luca; Heck, Philipp R.; Neander, April; Spring, Nicole H.; et al
31-Jan-2012Evidence for the extraterrestrial origin of a natural quasicrystalBindi, Luca; Eiler, John M.; Guan, Yunbin; Hollister, Lincoln S.; MacPherson, Glenn; et al
9-May-2017Evidence of cross-cutting and redox reaction in Khatyrka meteorite reveals metallic-Al minerals formed in outer spaceLin, Chaney; Hollister, Lincoln S.; MacPherson, Glenn J.; Bindi, Luca; Ma, Chi; et al
29-Jul-2014Icosahedral AlCuFe quasicrystal at high pressure and temperature and its implications for the stability of icosahedriteStagno, Vincenzo; Bindi, Luca; Shibazaki, Yuki; Tange, Yoshinori; Higo, Yuji; et al
Aug-2013Khatyrka, a new CV3 find from the Koryak Mountains, Eastern RussiaMacPherson, Glenn J; Andronicos, Christopher L; Bindi, Luca; Distler, Vadim V; Eddy, Michael P; et al
13-Mar-2015Natural quasicrystal with decagonal symmetryBindi, Luca; Yao, Nan; Lin, Chaney; Hollister, Lincoln S.; Andronicos, Christopher L.; et al
2-Nov-2018Previously unknown quasicrystal periodic approximant found in spaceBindi, Luca; Pham, Joyce; Steinhardt, Paul J.
Nov-2015Quasicrystals at extreme conditions: The role of pressure in stabilizing icosahedral Al63Cu24Fe13 at high temperatureStagno, Vincenzo; Bindi, Luca; Park, Changyong; Tkachev, Sergey; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; et al
15-Nov-2017Shock Synthesis of Five-component Icosahedral QuasicrystalsOppenheim, Julius; Ma, Chi; Hu, Jinping; Bindi, Luca; Steinhardt, Paul J.; et al
25-Feb-2021Trace Element Conundrum of Natural QuasicrystalsTommasini, Simone; Bindi, Luca; Petrelli, Maurizio; Asimow, Paul D; Steinhardt, Paul J.