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Oct-2018The books of the dead revisited: mortality and morbidity in the German colonies of southern Brazil, 1850-1880Biehl, João; Mugge, Miquéias Henrique; Goldani, Ana Maria
1-Jun-2016The challenging nature of gathering evidence and analyzing the judicialization of health in BrazilBiehl, João; Amon, Joseph J.; Socal, Mariana P.; Petryna, Adriana
Jun-2016The Judicialization of Health and the Quest for State Accountability: Evidence from 1,262 Lawsuits for Access to Medicines in Southern BrazilBiehl, João; Socal, Mariana P.; Amon, Joseph J.
1-Jan-2015The masked anthropologistBiehl, João; Zucker, Naomi
Dec-2016On the Heterogeneity and Politics of the Judicialization of Health in BrazilBiehl, João; Socal, Mariana P.; Amon, Joseph J.
Jun-2014Peopling Global HealthBiehl, João; Petryna, Adriana
Jan-2016Tratamentos jurídicos: os mercados terapêuticos e a judicialização do direito à saúde [Legal remedies: therapeutic markets and the judicialization of the right to health].Biehl, João; Petryna, Adriana