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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019Abstraction and Subsumption in Modular Verification of C ProgramsBeringer, Lennart; Appel, Andrew W
2021Abstraction and subsumption in modular verification of C programsBeringer, Lennart; Appel, Andrew W
2020Ballot-Marking Devices Cannot Ensure the Will of the VotersAppel, Andrew W; DeMillo, Richard A; Stark, Philip B
2020C floating-point proofs layered with VST and FlocqAppel, Andrew W; Bertot, Yves
Aug-2021Compositional optimizations for CertiCoqParaskevopoulou, Zoe; Li, John M; Appel, Andrew W
2020Connecting Higher-Order Separation Logic to a First-Order Outside WorldMansky, William; Honoré, Wolf; Appel, Andrew W
Aug-2021Deriving efficient program transformations from rewrite rulesLi, John M; Appel, Andrew W
2016Modular Verification for Computer SecurityAppel, Andrew W
Sep-2017Position paper: the science of deep specificationAppel, Andrew W; Beringer, Lennart; Chlipala, Adam; Pierce, Benjamin C; Shao, Zhong; et al
Oct-2017Shrink fast correctly!BĂ©langer, Olivier S; Appel, Andrew W
Oct-2017A verified messaging systemMansky, William; Appel, Andrew W; Nogin, Aleksey
21-Feb-2018VST-Floyd: A Separation Logic Tool to Verify Correctness of C ProgramsCao, Qinxiang; Beringer, Lennart; Gruetter, Samuel; Dodds, Josiah; Appel, Andrew W