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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Buckling of dielectric elastomeric plates for soft, electrically active microfluidic pumpsTavakol, Behrouz; Bozlar, Michael; Punckt, Christian; Froehlicher, Guillaume; Stone, Howard A; et al
5-Dec-2016Dehydrated Sucrose Nanoparticles as Spacers for Graphene–Ionic Liquid Supercapacitor ElectrodesBozym, David J; Korkut, Sibel; Pope, Michael A; Aksay, Ilhan A
3-Sep-2015Four-Fold Increase in the Intrinsic Capacitance of Graphene through Functionalization and Lattice DisorderPope, Michael A; Aksay, Ilhan A
20-Oct-2011Intrinsic Capacitance and Redox Activity of Functionalized Graphene SheetsPope, Michael A; Punckt, Christian; Aksay, Ilhan A
13-Apr-2016Intrinsic Catalytic Activity of Graphene Defects for the Co II/III (bpy) 3 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Redox MediatorRoy-Mayhew, Joseph D; Pope, Michael A; Punckt, Christian; Aksay, Ilhan A
2016Structure-Dependent Electrochemistry of Reduced Graphene Oxide MonolayersPunckt, Christian; Pope, Michael A; Liu, Yifei M; Aksay, Ilhan A