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2017Anticipated Emotions About Unintended Pregnancy in Relationship Context: Are Latinas Really Happier?Aiken, Abigail; Trussell, James
2016Comparison of a Timing-Based Measure of Unintended Pregnancy and the London Measure of Unplanned PregnancyAiken, Abigail; Westhoff, CL; Trussell, James; Castano, PM
2017Contraceptive method preferences and provision after termination of pregnancy: a population-based analysis of women obtaining care with the British Pregnancy Advisory ServiceAiken, Abigail; Lohr, P.A.; Aiken, C.E.; Forsyth, T.; Trussell, James
2015Do as we say, not as we do: experiences of unprotected intercourse reported by members of the Society of Family PlanningAiken, Abigail; Trussell, James
Nov-2014Global fee prohibits postpartum provision of the most effective reversible contraceptivesAiken, Abigail; Creinin, Mitchell D.; Kaunitz, Andrew M.; Nelson, Anita L.; Trussell, James
2016High hopes versus harsh realities: the population impact of emergency contraceptive pillsAiken, Abigail; Trussell, James
Jul-2015Immediate postpartum provision of highly effective reversible contraceptionAiken, Abigail; Aiken, CEM; Trussell, James; Guthrie, KA
2017In the midst of Zika pregnancy advisories, termination of pregnancy is the elephant in the roomAiken, Abigail; Aiken, C.E.; Trussell, James
2014Recent advances in contraceptionAiken, Abigail; Trussell, James
2016Requests for Abortion in Latin America Related to Concern about Zika Virus ExposureAiken, Abigail; Scott, J.G.; Gomperts, R.; Trussell, James; Worrell, M.; et al
2017Self reported outcomes and adverse events after medical abortion through online telemedicine: population based study in the Republic of Ireland and Northern IrelandAiken, Abigail; Digol, I.; Trussell, James; Gomperts, R.
2017Similarities and differences in contraceptive use reported by women and men in the National Survey of Family GrowthAiken, Abigail; Wang, Y.; Higgins, J.; Trussell, James
Apr-2016Weekend working: a retrospective cohort study of maternal and neonatal outcomes in a large NHS delivery unitAiken, Catherine E.; Aiken, Abigail; Scott, James G.; Brockelsby, Jeremy C.; Trussell, James